Classic cars are hard to resist. When one drives past, all heads turn to take in the majesty of history. It doesn’t matter if it is a 1923 Ford Model T, an early ‘70s Camaro, an 1957 Volvo 444original Mustang, or a 1938 Studebaker – everyone wants to get a good look.

As the owner of a classic car, you get to live closer to this piece of history than most people ever do. You get to dig into the engine compartment. You get to drive it around town and watch heads turn. You get to be a real part of classic car shows, while millions of people dream of being in your position. And for good reason! They just don’t make ‘em like they used to!

Until the 1980s, designers had fun with embellishments and quirky touches that made their brand more noticeable and unlike other vehicles at the time. Wings provided no real performance advantage, but they certainly got attention. In fact, I would bet that you could pick a 1960 Buick LeSabre out of a crowded parking garage. The stylization is unparalleled in today’s modern vehicles. But what it really comes down to is that engine. Engines still differ, but not as much as they used to! A Ford vs a Chevy vs a Pontiac vs a VW will get you four identifiably distinct sounds and operating characteristics when working with classic cars. These engines wer1960 Buick LeSabree built for the experience. Just try turning the wheel of a bulky original Camaro, and you’ll instantly notice the difference from modern day automatic steering and smooth handling! In fact, a lot of early model muscle cars will fishtail if you accelerate too quickly. With these cars, you really get a sense of driving. You don’t just cruise around, you really interact with the vehicle. And it feels amazing!

You won’t miss the computer whether you are driving your classic car or working on it. No computer codes need to be figured out, you just turn the wrench! The simplicity of classic cars can be a welcome reprieve in our computer-driven world.

AutoBidMaster allows you to bid on classic cars every day. We just saw a 1959 Chevrolet Apache come through, as we did a 1968 Pontiac Firebird. Coming up, we have a 1940 LaSalle, a 1971 Oldsmobile, and a 1984 Rolls-Royce. Even the 1957 Volvo doesn’t look like your parent’s Volvo!1930 Ford Model A

Don’t limit yourself to dreaming – make your classic car dream a reality! Listen to the engine purr. Feel the weight of your wheels in every turn. Let those wings speak for themselves. And get it all for a price to brag about at an AutoBidMaster auto auction!

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