Have you ever wondered where cars go when they are damaged to the point of being unusable? I’m talking about those mangled heaps of twisted metal, the burnt-to-the-ground frames, and the stripped shells. Perhaps you’ve been in an accident and have had an insurance company pay you for a totaled vehicle so that you can get a new one. But where does the totaled car go after that?

Truthfully, many of these cars will end up at the junkyard. However, many of them, especially if the insurer thinks they might be worth something, end up in auto auctions. Auctions are great for damaged vehicles because the purchaser can determine how much they are willing to pay for the vehicle, and pay no more than that cost. Sellers choose to use Auto Auctions because they know they are getting the best price possible to recoup their loss. Amazing deals can be found at auto auctions, and the process of bidding can be a lot of fun! After a vehicle has been written off by an insurance company, the former owner may likely consider the car to be “dead.” In reality, this is just the first step in a whole new life for that vehicle.

Cars purchased with AutoBidMaster often gain a whole new life. Vintage cars are restored and rebuilt to show off the original stylization that we see so rarely in modern day vehicles. Muscle cars are combined with pickup trucks to create one-of-a-kind transportation. Old industrial engines are used to power newer frames. Sedans are repaired and provide transportation for a new family. Beautiful classics are used as garden planters. The possibilities for new life are endless. Salvage cars are used in many of the same ways as new cars, but also so many more.

So often death is considered to be an end, a narrowing of possibilities. But with Copart Auto Auctions, the possibilities only grow when a vehicle received a salvage designation. To new life after “death.”

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