There’s an ‘X factor’ that pickup trucks ooze; the modern ones with top notch interiors feel like SUVs. Rock solid and spacious machines, they are brilliant for handling tough terrains, towing, loading, and most importantly, quenching your adventure thirst.

Price can be a deterring factor keeping you from your favorite pickup, as most big brand ones are expensive. The solution is to either consider recovered trucks for sale or visit an insurance salvage truck auction and check out the assorted options. In fact, thousands of US citizens every year purchase salvage or second hand cars, including trucks; you never know the one that your neighbor drives might be a salvage vehicle. Assuming that you have a tight budget, and need a great pickup, we’ve made a list of 4 used pickup trucks from the 2000s worth your investment.

Chevrolet Silverado (2003-2006)

Chevrolet introduced this full-size high performance pickup truck in 2003 with an impressive variety of options. Owners for the first time had the option to choose between a V6 or 3 different V8s, 2- or 4WD, several transmissions and an array of body styles. Based on the 1500 Silverado, the 2003-2006 Chevrolet Silverado comes with better drivetrain, as well as interiors and exteriors.

  • Standard Engine: 6.0 liter Vortec High-Output
  • Power: 345 hp (257 kW)
  • Rpm: 5200

Dodge Ram (2002-2009)

The Dodge Ram like the Chevy Silverado presents numerous choices in body styling, transmissions and engines, it beats its rivals such as GMC, Ford and Chevy with its bold and muscular looks. Debuted in 2002, this full size truck, now in its third generation was introduced with major updates that included an all new frame, powertrains, suspension, interiors, and more.

  • Model : SRT 10
  • Year: 2002-2007
  • Engine: 8.3 L (505 cu in) Viper V10
  • Power: 510 hp (380 kW)
  • Torque: 535 lb-ft (725 N-m)

Honda Ridgeline (2006-2009)

The Honda Ridgeline is the best modern option if you are looking for a truck that looks more like a car, yet offers a decent towing capacity — 1,500 lbs of hauling power. The mid-size sport utility truck comes with an open rear bed ideal for transporting. The Ridgeline offers a crossover-based chassis and a better than average fuel economy for a four door truck.

  • Standard Engine: 3.5-liter V6
  • Power: 250 hp
  • Torque: 247 lb-ft V6
  • Body Style: 4-door truck
  • Transmission: 5-speed automatic

Toyota Tacoma (2005-2015)

The Toyota Tacoma is a clear winner when it comes to durability in mid-size trucks. Coupled with an interior and exterior designed for practicality, it boasts a fuel-efficient 4-cylinder engine that offers 23 MPG in combined highway and city drive. When it comes to its range of body styles, the Tacoma beats its rivals such as Chevrolet Colorado and Nissan Frontier.

  • Engine: 4.0 L 1GR-FE V6
  • Power: 236 hp
  • Transmission: 4-speed and 5-speed automatic, or 5-speed manual

Summing Up

Luxury cars offer an unmatched comfort and elegance, however, the advantages that pickup trucks possess lies beyond any car’s capability. Interestingly, you do not need to be a rancher or a suburbanite to own a pickup, as they facilitate your day to day work in several ways and offer an unparalleled off-roading adventure. If you’ve been looking for a pickup, but lack the financial means to buy a new one, check out our inventory collection.

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