Auction vehicles purchased through AutoBidMaster must be towed out of the yard. Even if a vehicle has a clean title, shows no damage, and runs and drives, this vehicle still cannot be driven off the lot. Auction vehicles are not street-legal because state registration and inspection of the vehicle is not provided by the auction facility. And if you purchased something that has serious preexisting damage, there is sometimes no way that it could be driven off the lot.

So, if you won’t be driving your vehicle off the lot, how will you get it home? This is where vehicle shipping comes in. Whether you are going from Van Nuys or West Palm Beach to Dubai or Portland, OR, vehicle shipping is the best way to move your car. The process of arranging shipping and handling the logistics of it can be difficult and that is for people who already understand how it works.

AutoBidMaster can arrange shipping and handle the details for you, but even if we do it helps to give a sense of the process your car will go through while being shipped. The vehicle will be prepared for shipping at the auction location. Suppose it will be traveling across the country, from Los Angeles to coastal Maine. You can easily set up shipping with AutoBidMaster right away when notified of your winning bid. The savings from buying at auction combined with discounts from a Preferred membership make shipping this distance perfectly reasonable. Copart team members at the yard will get your car ready for shipment and to confirm the VIN for the title being mailed out.

Pick-up Day: Depending on the condition of your vehicle a forklift will load it onto a truck or it may be driven. We recommend you get the vehicle picked up right away and avoid risking any storage fees. If you buy the car through AutoBidMaster and and arrange shipping the same day, we will cover any potential storage. A tracking code to monitor the vehicle’s progress across the country will be forwarded on to you.

Four Days In: The car travels through mountain roads with other cars on the transporter. You will be able to check the tracking code for updates to make sure there are no road closures or weather delays. So far, so good!

Six Days In: The Rocky mountains are fading into the distance as your long traveling car travels the great plains. The cornfields are so vast and the roads so straight and flat, the car will whizz through this part of the trip.

Two-Four Hours Away From the Drop-Off : The driver will call you to arrange drop off and signature for the vehicle. He will also make sure you have arranged for any special unloading equipment that might be required in the case of your car, if it is not driveable or if it is located inconveniently on the truck.

Arrival: Having been dropped off right at your house (or garage), your car will get a whole new life in New England! Being from California, your new car will not have nearly as much rust as other cars, which have spent their whole lives in Maine. I guess that’s just one more benefit of buying a car at auction and transporting to a new location!

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