The range is one of the greatest challenges faced by electric cars, and also a major reason for buyers to opt for their fossil-fuel counterparts. However, for those who you still want to contribute to saving the environment by owning a green car, there are a few tricks to improve the efficiency of the electric vehicle and get the most range out of each kilowatt-hour. Without much ado, we list five tips that can provide a boost to the range of the electric car. Read on.

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  1. Pay Attention to Parking of the Vehicle
    The battery degrades over time, which directly impacts the capacity and maximum driving range of the vehicle. The deterioration rate of the battery depends on its usage. If you park the electric car in an open area for a long time in hot weather, the battery will deteriorate at an accelerated rate. As the life of the battery depends a lot on the average temperature, choose a car that has an active cooling system (if you live in a warm area).
  2.  Don’t Ignore State of Charge (SOC)
    If the vehicle spends a lot of time at or near full charge, this will have a bad impact on the battery. You need to schedule a charge pattern of the vehicle so that the SOC remains low. When the car is charged based on the SOC and parked at a cooler space, the range will improve.
  3. Drive Efficiently
    Be it a gasoline-powered or electric vehicle, the rule of gradual acceleration is same for all. Instead of flooring the vehicle, prefer gradually accelerating it from a stop. This will save both – the battery range and charging cost.
  4. Be Aware of Driving and Charging Patterns
    Every vehicle owner has a unique driving pattern and knowing your driving and charging pattern could help in increasing the efficiency of the electric vehicle. You can use electric vehicle telematics to understand the range the car needs and how to improve it. Telematics can help you monitor the performance of the vehicle in different patterns such as charging, weather, speed selection, and weather.
  5. Keep a Track of Maintenance
    Though electric vehicles don’t demand a lot of maintenance, you can increase the range of the battery by replacing air filters, checking the level of fluids and inflating tires at regular intervals. This will also keep the vehicle in a good condition.

Wrapping Up
The demand for electric cars is going to significantly rise in coming time. The manufacturers, be it Tesla, Honda or Nissan are working mostly on the range aspect of their upcoming electric vehicles so that they are at-par with gasoline-powered models. However, none of these vehicles is expected to rule the roads anytime soon. If you can’t wait to drive an electric car, AutoBidMaster has a wide range of affordable green cars available for bidding. We are a reputable online salvage car auction site offering junk cars for sale to buyers across the U.S. For details, feel free to give us a call at +1 (503) 298-4300

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