There are many advantages to knowing your way around cars. It helps you know what to look for when you buy used cars and the parts to check and replace during routine maintenance. If you possess enough knowledge about cars and car parts, it becomes easy to scoop great deals when you visit AutoBidMaster to buy damaged cars for sale. You will not only know how to assess vehicles but can also set an accurate budget for buying and restoring your new ride. Here is a list of 7 most commonly replaced car parts that you should know.

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An aged or damaged battery can become a headache. It can easily leave you stranded on the road and require a jump-start to get going. Although poor driving habits such as leaving the air conditioner and lights running when the engine is not running can also lead to battery failure, the most common causes include low charge and acid stratification. Check the battery for damage, leaks, physical defects, dirty terminals, and remember to replace it every 4-5 years.

Spark Plugs
Although replacing spark plugs constitutes affordable repairs, aged or damaged plugs has a bigger effect on the performance of your car. Some of the problems that may indicate an urgent need to replace spark plugs include rough idling, difficulty starting, misfiring/surging, and slow acceleration. Remember to lubricate the new spark plugs before installation on used or salvage cars for sale.

Brake Rotors
Worn brake rotors can result in serious brake failure if left unattended. The rotors play an important role of making sure that the braking system doesn’t overheat. Problems often starts surfacing when brake pads and calipers cause enough friction to compromise their efficiency. Signs that your brake rotors are due for a change include grinding, squealing and growling sounds when braking.

When your windshield starts exhibiting well-pronounced stress cracks and dings, it is time to seriously consider replacing it. Clean the windshield to check for any cracks and also prevent surface scratches. It is important to get the windshield replaced altogether as soon as possible as it is illegal to drive a car with a cracked windshield.

Door Handles and Locks
Damaged door handles and locks not only impact the car’s aesthetics and value, but also cause great inconvenience and safety issues. If any lock cylinder is damaged, make sure to replace it immediately. Some of the common signs that the cylinder needs to be replaced include the key refusing to turn after insertion, key getting stuck, failure to open some doors, and having a key break inside the lock.

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