Car DamageYou do not have to be a vehicle aficionado to estimate car damage after a traffic accident. Before you take your car to a body shop, estimate damages using this simple guide:

  1. Determine where the damage occurred.

Body damage might be as simple as a paint pen touch up, or as serious as a new hood or roof. You can typically estimate the scope of repairs by inspecting damages closely. For internal damage, research the price of new car parts online for an accurate estimate.

  1. Make and Model.

The make and model of the auto largely determines repair fees and the cost of labor. Parts for common or older-model cars, like a Toyota Camry, will be easier to locate than parts for exotic cars, like a Maserati GranTurismo. Luxury and specialty vehicles make repairs higher, and you might have difficultly finding spare parts.

  1. DIY Repairs.

If your vehicle has incurred minimal damage, you can save a ton of money by conducting repairs yourself. Purchase the parts and have a mechanic-type friend do the repairs. To save even more, consider purchasing a salvaged vehicle from AutoBidMaster, a registered broker with Copart Auto Auctions. With this investment, you can attain much-needed spare parts for a fraction of the cost of their new counterparts. Copart stocks a plethora of vehicles, from popular autos to rare picks, ensuring that you can find the right vehicle for your repair needs.

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