So you have decided to buy a refrigerated trailer or reefer from one of the online auto auction sites. Sounds great. The food industry in the U.S., like elsewhere, relies heavily on reefer containers to transport perishable food items over long distances. These containers use specially designed refrigeration and ventilation units to keep the food fresh for certain duration of time. But are you sure which trailer would be the best fit for your business? This article throws some light on new versus used reefers as well as leading brands for your convenience. Read on to find out.

Buying a Used Reefer Trailer

Reefers vs Dry Vans
If you are buying a reefer for the first time, you must know that they are different from dry van trailers. Dry van trailers are all about their exceptional structural integrity such as doors, cross members, and resistance to rust. Of course, these factors apply to reefer trailers too, but there are more to them than just that. Fixing damaged panels and regular repair and maintenance of the reefer unit are bigger concerns for a reefer buyers.

Hours vs Years
The hours registered on a reefer unit matter more than its manufacturing date. Most reefer buyers looking for an auction trailer for sale would prefer a 3-year old trailer with 8,000 hours on the reefer unit to a 1-year old trailer with 10,000 hours. On an average, reefer trailers log between 3,000 to 4,000 hours a year on their unit. So, expect a trailer that has been on the road, for instance, for 5 years to show not more than 10,000 to 14,000 hours on the reefer unit.

New vs Used
While adding a new reefer trailer to an existing fleet has its benefits, but it may not always be a cost-effective decision. These days, buying a used trailer from online vehicle auctions can offer much higher value compared to buying a brand new reefer. Pre-owned reefers pack a punch and deliver the same advantages that you would expect from a brand new reefer, minus a high price tag.

Carrier vs Thermo King
When it comes to vehicles that are used for transporting temperature-sensitive food items, there are two main contenders on the market – Thermo King and Carrier. While TK units come with a smaller but more reliable compressor, Carrier units fare better in microprocessors and electronics. But the reality is that apart from few minor differences, they are neck to neck in terms of technology and reliability.

Looking to Buy Salvage Trailers for Sale? Look No More!
Visiting a trailer dealership, walking around in salvage yards, and choosing a trailer of one’s choice may be a norm in the past, but it is getting less and less popular with time. When you’re considering buying a used reefer trailer at an affordable price, look no further than online salvage trailers auctions. AutoBidMaster, a trusted online auto auction platform, has a huge inventory of both clean and salvaged vehicles including trailers. Make your pick from thousands of cars, motorcycles, trailers, and boats. Simply register with us to bid and buy. To learn more about our online auctions, simply call +1 (503) 298-4300 or fill out our contact form.

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