Maintenance is a crucial part of using any type of equipment. Technology in today’s day and age has advanced up to a level where most of the tasks in industrial setups are performed using machinery. As the efficiency of industrial equipment has a notable impact on the overall productivity and the finances of the company, it is important to pay special attention to the maintenance of industrial equipment, whether or not you get them brand new from industrial equipment auctions. So, to help, we present a few tips you can follow to keep your industrial equipment in top shape. Read on.

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Maintain the Records of Daily Usage
Erratic use of industrial equipment is one of the major reasons for frequent breakdowns. To ensure seamless performance, maintain detailed records of the daily usage of the machinery and keep an eye on the quality of its operations. Many businesses these days have quality assurance and machinery maintenance executives to avoid the hefty costs involved in the maintenance of industrial equipment.

Prepare a Maintenance Schedule
Just like maintaining a record for its operations, it is also important to maintain a schedule for the maintenance of your industrial equipment. While it is impossible to prevent occasional breakdowns and regular wear and tear when the machinery is used, having a service schedule can help you avoid major breakdowns that may lead to delayed or stalled production, which would eventually affect the reputation and bottom line of the business.

Pay Special Attention to Lubrication
Industrial equipment represents a set of various components performing individual steps to perform a task. Just like the human body, industrial equipment also relies on the effortless functioning of its components. As excessive friction can result in faster wear and tear of the equipment and also reduce its efficiency, it is extremely important to pay special attention to lubrication. Moreover, lubrication also helps avoid corrosion in the equipment.

Ensure Proper Storage
Industrial equipment, when not in use, should be stored properly. Components such as motors, turbines, and mixers should be rotated frequently. Keep an eye on idle machinery for rust, condensation, and contamination. If you are unsure about the right way to store any equipment, contact the manufacturer or consult a local industrial equipment service center.

Wrap Up
Now that you are aware of the maintenance tips to take care of your industrial equipment, you can look for industrial equipment auctions online on websites such as Besides listing an exhaustive array of options, we also provide all the information you may need to make informed buying decisions. If you wish to learn more about any of the vehicles listed with us, simply call +1 (503) 298-4300 or fill out our contact form, or register now to get started!

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