An increasing number of car owners, classic car collectors, and modshop guys turn to junk cars for sale for spare parts these days. This is a conscious decision they make to find rare parts, cheap parts for existing cars, or parts for rebuild projects. In fact, you too can find many valuable parts in salvage cars that end up in junkyards for one reason or another. Using salvageable parts from these cars is a smart way to save money and overcome availability issues. Read on to find out the five valuable items you can extract from junk cars for sale online.

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1. Airbags
Airbags are one a vital safety measure car makers install in vehicles. They can save lives even in the nastiest accidents. If the junk car you bought from an online auction still has undeployed airbags, retrieve them. Installing new airbags can cost you from hundreds to thousands of dollars. In such situations, unused airbag systems in junk cars represent a way more economical option.

2. Fenders
Fenders are another valuable part that you can recover from junk cars for sale. Also called “mudguards”, they play a key role in protecting the wheel wells of cars. Finding new replacement fenders for an old car model can be challenging and if you have a new model, then buying a new fender will definitely set you back by a generous amount. So, junk cars offer an alternative solution to many car owners by which they can save some cash and get their hands on difficult to find fenders.

3. Doors
Car doors are one of the most banged up parts during accidents, which take place in thousands each year. So, doors are always in high demand especially for replacement purposes and rebuilds. Whenever there is a need for a comparable door to attach to your car, you can turn to the junk cars for sale listed at online junk car auction sites such as

4. Exhaust System
The metal body and significant function of exhaust system make it a valuable commodity on the aftermarket. If you find the exhaust in a junk car in operational condition, you can remove and use it on your own car. This can be an important step considering the fact that the average cost of replacing the exhaust system complete with a catalytic converter can go over $1000.

5. Windshield Wipers
The arms of windshield wipers may not be that significant from a cost perspective, but there are certain times when you may want to turn to junk cars for sale just for this part. For instance, you own an antique car that is more than 50 years old and it is in need of replacing its windshield wipers. Now, it would be impossible to find the part in the present aftermarket. In such a scenario, the only sensible way out is to trace the wipers to a junk car with the part still intact.

Wrap Up
Junk cars for sale online serve as a repository for spare parts. Whether you need the parts for your existing car, car restoration project, or vintage car, online junk car auctions are just what you need. As a leading online auto auction platform for clean and salvaged vehicles, has been helping car buyers land great deals on junk cars. Find junk cars or repaired salvage cars for sale with us. To learn more about our auctions or the vehicles listed with us, simply call +1 (503) 298-4300 or submit the contact form.

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