From radio systems to high-tech touch displays, automobile industry has witnessed a number transitions with technological advancements that have now long-surpassed displays and entertainment systems. The hot topics nowadays, in terms of automotive technologies, are V2X communication and self-driving cars. If you are looking for salvage cars with advanced technological features, check out the vehicles listed at AutoBidMaster. Continuing on the subject, in this blog, we look at four auto technologies that are likely to gain prominence in times to come. Read on.

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1. Holographic Head-Up Displays
Multi-information displays are going to be more prominent in the future. Audi and some other brands are researching on holographic head-up displays, wherein color images are displayed in front of the driver. This technology will be a game-changer and make a number of things, such as 3-D navigation or parking, a lot easier.

2. Car-to-X Communication
Vehicle-to-vehicle, or V2V, communication refers to a radio-based transfer of information between two or more vehicles, but now that’s a thing of the past. Say hello to “Car-to-X” communication, which includes both vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-traffic communication, which not only enhances on-road safety but also promotes efficient mobility. Mercedes has a special team dedicated to developing vehicles that are equipped with this technology.

3. Advanced Cruise Control
The next best thing to having driverless cars, advanced cruise control systems take the functionality of traditional control to a new level. The feature automatically controls the speed of a vehicle to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in the front, thereby greatly reducing the probability of a collision. While advanced cruise control is a fairly common feature in luxury cars, the laser-based system will likely be soon available in more affordable models.

4. Night Vision Cameras
Many top-end vehicles, nowadays, come with different types of night vision cameras. Some BMW cars, for instance, use infrared technology to display a heat-based grayscale image. The night vision offered by Mercedes, on the other hand, displays images with enhanced light. The team of experts at Toyota are aiming to take night vision up a notch. The team is working on a color night vision concept, so that the future not only looks bright, but it is colorful too!

Wrap Up
Technology is making various breakthroughs in automotive technology, enhancing on-road safety, mobility, and awareness of traffic conditions. If you have been searching for a feature rich car packaging the latest in terms of technology but buying top of the line luxury car is beyond your budget, check out the salvage cars for sale listed at Besides offering an exhaustive array of options, we also provide all the information you may need to make informed buying decisions. If you have any questions, simply call +1 (503) 298-4300 or fill out our contact form. To get started or register now!

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