Forklifts are an indispensable tool for businesses that are engaged in material handling or construction. AutoBidMaster industrial equipment auctions feature a range of forklifts of different makes, types, and capacities to suit diverse needs. The inventory is constantly updated with fresh options spanning different popular brands  Caterpillar, Toyota, Nissan, Hyster, Yale, Clark, Eagle, Mitsubishi, and Komatsu. You can significantly bring down the cost of forklift ownership when you participate in our online auctions offering Salvage Industrial Equipment for sale. Here are three of the many forklifts that are available at AutoBidMaster. 

1. 1995 Yale Forklift

The 1995 Yale forklift runs on gasoline and is fitted with pneumatic tires. It has a capacity of 8850 lbs and a load height of 173.8 inches. The engine is a Perkins engine and comes with a two-speed powershift or automatic transmission.  The mast is triplex Hi-VIS and it comes with 46-inch forks with a 6 degree Back Tilt. 

2. 2000 Clark CGC50

The Clark CGC50 boasts a 2374 Vortec 4300LT engine that churns out 93 horsepower and 235 lb-ft of torque. The 10,000 lb capacity forklift runs on LPG and reaches a maximum speed of 12.1 mph. It is fitted with 4 cushion tires and has a wheelbase of 5.88 in and 3.78 inches in ground clearance. The 2000 Clark also has 48” forks and a 3 stage mast with an 8 degree back tilt.

3. 2000 Eagle Picher RT80

The 2000 Eagle Picher RT80 is an 8000 lb forklift that runs on diesel. It has a 2-stage mast with a 45-degree forward tip and a 10 degree rear tip. It is fitted with a 2351 engine model 1004C-44 that churns out 82 horsepower. The forklift has 4 pneumatic tires with a wheelbase of 7.75 in and ground clearance of 11.5 inches. 

Last Word

AutoBidMaster industrial equipment auctions are the place to be when looking for forklifts for sale at heavily discounted prices. It’s easy to participate as all you have to do is register in a few clicks and start bidding without delay. Talk to us today to get more information on available deals in our online salvage industrial equipment auctions and to discuss your requirements. Simply call +1 (503) 298-4300 or email Our team of experts is always ready to help. Happy bidding!

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