Buying a salvage or damaged trailer through an online auction can mean significant savings. Whether you need a trailer to transport equipment or build a motorhome, online auctions featuring damaged trailers for sale offer the perfect avenue to meet your needs. That said, not every salvage trailer would be worth your money. You need to assess your requirements, learn about the various trailers available, compare your options, and then find and bid on a suitable salvage trailer. To help you make an informed buying decision, we’re answering a few commonly asked questions about buying salvage trailers online. Read on.

What all types of trailers are available in online auctions?

Online salvage trailer auctions feature many types of salvage and damaged trailers for sale. The choices include enclosed, open, motorcycle, sport vehicle transport, gooseneck, flatbed, and equipment trailers, each complementing different functional requirements. When buying a trailer, make sure you are clear about all your primary requirements; i.e. the things you plan on hauling and towing, and the frequency of use.

How to choose a payload capacity?

Payload capacity is one of the first things to consider when shortlisting a trailer. A rule of thumb is to opt for a payload capacity slightly greater than the weight of the heaviest cargo you plan to haul. Opting for a slightly larger payload capacity can give you extra assurance of safety when on the road. An overloaded trailer can always be a hazard, not only to you but to others on the road as well.

Do I need to invest in a towing package?

Not necessarily. First, check if your truck has a pre-fitted towing package, particularly a tow hitch. As there are various weight classes in tow hitches, it is important to check whether the weight class of the tow hitch on your truck can handle the load you plan on hauling or towing. If your truck doesn’t come with a towing package, it is advisable to invest in one after purchasing your salvage trailer.

What else to check when buying a salvage trailer?

When buying a salvage trailer, a few key aspects to check include the tires, brakes, bearings, frame, suspension, electrical and electronic systems, ramp, and flooring. You should also pay attention to the axle placement because buying a salvage trailer with the wrong axle position could prove to be a costly mistake. A thorough inspection by a professional is the best way to go about when looking to buy a salvage trailer from online auctions. An inspection not only lets you find out any possible issues in a trailer, it also gives you an idea about the repair expenses, if any.

Do salvage trailers always require major repairs?

No. Online auctions feature salvage trailers with varying damage. While some may have incurred significant damage, others may have minor body issues such as dents or scratches. To help you make an informed decision, all our listings have multiple images highlighting the extent and nature of damage, and you can also find out complete vehicle information by simply running a VIN check. You get all the info you may need to accurately assess the condition of the trailer you consider buying, and can also carry out an inspection to find out if it requires any major repairs.

The Last Word

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