Horse trailers are generally a long-term investment that not only serve their purpose for a significant period of time, they also have an impact on the physical and mental health of the horses they carry. It is, therefore, important for owners to ensure that their horse trailers are equipped with all reasonable upgrades that can improve the functionality, lifespan and/or usability of their trailers. If you are looking to buy horse trailers, check out our horse trailer auctions for a number of amazing deals. Further on the subject, let’s look at some of the horse trailer upgrades you can consider for your prized possessions.

Hydraulic Jack

A hydraulic jack is one of the first upgrades you should consider getting if your horse trailer isn’t already equipped with it. Horse trailers are quite heavy, while you can always use a hand-crank to raise or lower the front end for hitching, without any hydraulic support, it is always a steep task. Installing a hydraulic jack takes the trouble out of the task: you can adjust the height with the touch of a button.

Horse Camera System

When a horse trailer is on the move or even when parked, the well-being of the horses is always a concern for the owners. Lay that to rest by installing a horse camera system. The market is swamped with an array of horse camera systems, so finding one that suits your needs and budgets should not be a problem.

Slide Outs

This is an ideal upgrade for horse trailers with built-in living quarters. Just like in RVs, slide outs give you additional cabin space that you can use in a number of ways, ranging from extending the legroom of your sitting area to making more room for meal preparation. The upgrade is also recommended for those who receive guests in their horse trailer living quarters.

Wrap Up

The overall functionality, usability and performance of horse trailers can be greatly enhanced with the addition of the right upgrades, but having the financial bandwidth to go ahead with them can be a concern for many owners. That is when going for a salvage horse trailer makes all the more sense. As a buyer, you get to own a restorable horse trailer at unbelievably low price, which allows you to spend the money saved on the desired upgrades. To start participating in our horse trailer auctions, all you need to do is register with us. If you have any questions about AutoBidMaster’s horse trailer auction or any of the salvage trailers for sale featured in our inventory, simply call +1 (503) 298-4300 Monday through Friday, 06:00 AM to 04:00 PM Pacific Standard Time or email

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