After the global slowdown experienced across almost all industries in 2020, 2021 has been an exciting year for motorcycle enthusiasts, as almost all prominent manufacturers came out with their share of new offerings. While some manufacturers stepped away from their traditional products to venture into new segments, others strengthened their line-up doing what they do best. While there have been more than a few notable launches during the year, affordability has continued to be a potential roadblock for wishful buyers, which explains the increasing number of buyers turning to salvage motorcycle deals and auction websites. If you are planning to buy a motorcycle, this article is for you. Here we present some of the top motorcycles from 2021 that you can consider adding to your shortlist in 2022. 

1. Harley Davidson Pan America 1250

Topping the list of recommendations is the most recent offering from Harley Davidson, the Pan America 1250. Stepping away from conventions, HD has finally made its move in the adventure touring segment with this power-packed motorcycle that has proved to be highly capable in both on and off-road conditions. If you are looking for a motorcycle that can do it all, and also makes you stand out from the crowd, you cannot go wrong with the Pan America 1250.

2. Ducati Multistrada V4

Unarguably one of the most capable and versatile motorcycles from the Italian manufacturer, the Ducati Multistrada V4 is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Propelled by a powerful V4 Granturismo engine, the motorcycle embodies a number of innovations that are a first for any motorcycle from the brand. The highlight of the Multistrada V4 is the radar-guided cruise control technology that is first-time seen on any motorcycle. 

3. Kawasaki Z H2

Exhilarating performance, distinct styling and a surprisingly smooth ride are some of the best attributes to describe the beast that is the Kawasaki Z H2. Featuring an unmistakably sharp and edgy Z design paired by street-bike ergonomics, the Kawasaki Z H2 is a perfect choice for those who are addicted to speed. Powered by a supercharged engine capable of delivering exceptional performance, the Z H2 embodies all that an enthusiast can ask for, and more. 

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4. BMW R 1250 GS

If you are someone who can’t get enough of adventure touring but do not want to go overboard with styling, the BMW R1250 could be just what the doctor prescribed. Promising slick performance in both on and off-road conditions, the BMW R 1250 GS has a low emission, reduced fuel consumption and also features an eco driving mode that will certainly bring down the fuel costs of all those long trips you take. 

5. Aprilia RS 660

The Aprilia RS 660 is a perfect choice for those who want their machine to be equally capable on both the race track and city roads. It is an incredibly capable middleweight sports motorcycle featuring a sleek aerodynamic design and an exceptional power to weight ratio, which also explains its exhilarating performance. One of the highlights of the motorcycle is the Aprilia Performance Ride Control (APRC) that was originally developed for racing.

The Last Word

The aforementioned are just a few of the many successful models from 2021, and the list most definitely does not end here. If you are looking to explore your options, feel free to check out our salvage motorcycle auction, and take your pick from the largest auto auction inventory in North America. If you have any questions about our salvage motorcycle auctions or any of the options featured in our inventory, you can call us at +1 (503) 298-4300. Alternatively, email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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