Welcome to the January automotive news edition by AutoBidMaster, where you can explore the latest changes and developments in the world of vehicles. We will guide you through industry insights and trends, as well as reveal the latest innovations and key developments shaping the automotive industry this month. Join us as we run through noteworthy events and advancements that can shape the driving experience and future of automobiles.

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The European Union to Set a Special Battery Passport for EVs

The European Union to Set a Special Battery Passport for EVs

Electric cars sold in Europe will come with an additional document, a battery passport, set to be introduced in February 2027. In the European Union, a special Battery Pass institution has been established to oversee all aspects of the project. This initiative is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Change, with leading automotive companies such as Audi and BMW participating as partners.

The battery data sheet will include details about materials used, supply sources, performance, and lifespan. There’s a possibility that information about battery disposal will also be incorporated into the document, though the exact list is still under discussion. Currently, there are 90 different data points across seven categories.

The expected cost of a single passport for the battery manufacturer is already determined, ranging from 7 to 12.8 euros. While the complete document will be exclusively available to experts, car owners will have access to specific information contained therein.

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Honda Is Changing the Brand Logo

Honda Is Changing the Brand Logo
Source: Honda Motor Co., Ltd. website

Following many modern manufacturers, Honda modernized its logo, making it more concise and two-dimensional. The famous Japanese automaker presented the update at the Consumer Electronics Show 2024. For the first time since 1981, the emblem has lost its frame, and the sides of the letter “H” now diverge slightly more. According to Honda, it symbolizes the desire to expand the possibilities of mobility and better meet the needs of its customers. In general, the new Honda logo resembles the earlier emblems of the brand from 1961.

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Tesla Has Opened Access to the Beta Version of Full Self-Driving 12.12

Tesla Has Opened Access to the Beta Version of Full Self-Driving 12.12

The famous EV manufacturer Tesla says it has begun rolling out the beta version of its Full Self-Driving (FSD) 12.12 system to customers, which promises significant software advancements. This is the first version in which the autopilot system works entirely on the basis of neural networks. This allows the vehicle to adapt to different situations on the road without prior programming.

The system learns from millions of video clips captured by Tesla cameras and makes autonomous decisions about driving a vehicle on city streets, following traffic rules, recognizing traffic signs, traffic lights, pedestrians, cyclists, and other obstacles. Drivers who have already tested the beta version of FSD 12.12 have noted that the update significantly improves handling and makes driving smoother and more natural.

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Jeep Introduces Its First Electric Car

Jeep Introduces Its First Electric Car

The American brand Jeep, known for its SUV lineups, is preparing to launch its first electric vehicle. The Jeep Wagoneer S electric car will be available in the fall of 2024. The vehicle will have 600 hp and can accelerate to 60 mph (100 km/h) in 3.5 seconds. The car’s power reserve is designed for 400 miles (around 650 km).

The brand also plans to introduce a new electric vehicle lineup, including the Recon EV SUV, inspired by the iconic Wrangler, which will have removable doors and windows. The brand is hoping for buy-in from its brand-loyal customers to successfully transition to electric vehicles and continue to strengthen its position in the market. In addition, Jeep plans to develop an all-electric Wrangler SUV as well as an electric version of the Grand Cherokee.

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Our January 2024 AutoBidMaster automotive news digest offered a glimpse into a month teeming with automotive advancements and trends. Stay tuned for more updates, driving your journey forward with us.

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