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Whether you have a long commute every day or stay closer to home, MPG is one critical parameter that you can’t ignore when buying a car. Automobile makers are introducing highly fuel-efficient vehicles in the market, including pick-up trucks. Most new or pre-owned trucks at online truck auctions and showrooms, are gas guzzlers and it takes some searching to find fuel-efficient options. To help, we list five trucks that give you decent fuel economy (21 mpg and higher).

Medium duty trucks have numerous, practical uses. These vehicles are used in transportation, carrying goods across the country. Because of their more compact size, many people prefer such trucks over heavy duty trucks. Although they are smaller, medium duty trucks can carry large cargo. Ambulances and delivery trucks are also considered medium duty vehicles. However, the cost of such vehicles is relatively expensive. Because of their specialized features, these trucks are costly when purchased new.…

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