Harley-Davidson, often referred to as Harley or simply HD, is an American-made manufacturer of motorcycles. Based in Wisconsin, the company was founded in the early 1900s. Harley-Davidson has survived numerous setbacks, from the Great Depression to stiff competition from foreign, especially Japanese, motorcycle manufacturers. The company specializes in heavy weight motorcycles designed for cruising on the road. Harleys boast a distinctive style and exhaust. The Harleys are also characterized by unique customization, giving rise to chopper style motorcycles. Most current Harleys reflect traditional-style designs. The company also has a strong fan base that participates in rides, clubs, and numerous other events.

Today, popular Harley-Davidson models include the Sportster, the Dyna, the Softail, the Touring, and the VRSC. Each motorcycle model has unique engine and performance features. For example, the Sportster can either have a smaller or larger engine, while the Touring is characterized by its large telescopic forks.

Because Harleys are immensely popular and experience wear and tear, they often require repair and replacement parts, which can be relatively expensive. For instance, the Sportster model often requires a new windshield, muffler shields, exhaust shields, an air cleaner kit, valve springs, and new tires. Furthermore, a Harley owner might choose to customize his or her motorcycle with Harley’s exclusive skull and chain covers, a fender luggage rack, and unique sheet metal exchanges with various designs.

However, purchasing such parts new, whether mechanical or cosmetic, might be expensive. For instance, the windshield costs almost $450, while the customized sheet metal exchanges run upwards of $2,600. For many motorcycle enthusiasts, maintaining and owning a Harley might seem unrealistic. Despite the high price of the motorcycles’ replacement parts, mechanics often require windshields and mufflers for repairs. As discussed, the price of these new parts can be costly. For this reason, many mechanics and Harley enthusiasts are opting for used or salvage parts as opposed to new parts.

Mechanics can find any needed parts via Autobidmaster, an online vehicle broker. However, the site does not sell these parts individually. As a registered broker, AutoBidMaster facilitates the purchase of whole salvage vehicles, like Harleys, through Copart Auto Auctions. While buying an entire motorcycle might seem like a hefty investment, such purchases have numerous, cost-saving advantages.

For one, a salvage vehicle is much more affordable than a new vehicle. In this way, Harley Davidson are more accessible to any prospective motorcycle owner. In addition, one can often find salvage Harley Davidson motorcycles in new condition. In turn, the parts of these salvage Harleys are still in good, working condition. This is particularly advantageous for mechanics and dealerships. By purchasing a salvage motorcycle, the mechanic ensures that he or she has a steady supply of parts, like the expensive windshield, in stock. This money-saving option ensures that customers receive genuine Harley parts for a fraction of the price of new parts.

In addition, shopping for Harley Davidson online also saves the time and energy needed to physically visit salvage yards. After purchase, autobidmaster.com ships Harleys directly to one’s home or garage for an affordable cost.

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