Buying a used car is not an average Joe’s job. It requires a lot of knowledge and experience to differentiate a good car from a bad one. So, what if you have limited knowledge about cars and their mechanism, and this is your first time buying a used car? Does that mean you should stay away from buying a used car or online used car auctions? Obviously not. All you need, is a qualified auto mechanic who can help you choose a good used car. Having said that, here are a few tips for finding a qualified mechanic, you can trust.

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Check for ASE Certification
One of the best ways to ascertain the trustworthiness of a mechanic is to check if they are Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified. ASE is a professional certification group that provides certifications to auto professionals and repair shops based on their knowledge, skills and experience in the auto industry. Besides ASE certifications, also look for the mechanic or repair shop’s affiliation with other reputable establishments such as AAA.

Ask Your Family and Friends
Most of us have a family doctor who we blindly trust. Similarly, people have that ‘one’ mechanic who they trust their cars with. Your friends and family too would have a trustworthy mechanic. Ask your friends and family for references of their mechanics. If you have a friend who’s a car enthusiast, chances are that they would know some of the best mechanics in town.

Shortlist At Least 3 Mechanics
Don’t just select the first auto mechanic who comes your way. Talk to a few mechanics to get an idea of how they differ in terms of knowledge, skills and experience. Talk to the mechanics and see how they handle your questions. A good mechanic is not just someone who has good in-depth knowledge, but one who listens attentively and tries to explain things in detail to their clients.

Lookup Reviews on Better Business Bureau (BBB)
The Better Business Bureau is a reliable source for checking the ratings and reviews of any business or independent professional. Once you have narrowed down to a few auto mechanics, check the Better Business Bureau’s website to find out their ratings and read their reviews. Besides looking up reviews of particular companies or business professionals BBB also offers suggestions on qualified auto mechanics or repair shops in your area.

Don’t Go by a Single Review
Many people tend to get too motivated by a positive review or too discouraged by a negative review, which in turns impact their decision. This, however, is not the right approach. When checking a mechanic’s review online, you may come across one or more reviews that might hold a very positive or negative view about the mechanic. The idea is to not give too much weightage to any particular review, but to look at the overall impression.

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