Now that you have made the decision to purchase a car from auction and you’ve found that perfect lot to bid on you are faced with shopping for a broker because you do not have the required license to bid. No need to shop around, we’ve got it covered from start to finish and we will guide you through each step of the way, even with arranging for transportation services. Just think of us as a one stop shop for all your broker needs.

Right away you are faced with another decision- you must determine which membership best suits your needs:

The Basic membership is exactly what it sounds like, a very basic package; but great if you are looking to make a one-time purchase. You can bid up to $4,000 on a single vehicle. This membership does not permit live bidding access, so your bid must be placed during the preliminary bidding or by AutoBidMaster.

The Advanced membership is our second tier package. This package is appealing to our members that are interested in both pre-bidding and participating in live auction bidding; free of limitations throughout the first year.

We are here to reveal the Professional Membership package, which is the best value and most popular amongst our members.

The Professional membership package allows you to purchase an unlimited number of vehicles over the course of 1 year, permits both preliminary bidding and live bidding, provides 20 free Vehicle History Reports and the lowest transaction fee.

Luckily getting registered, placing a deposit and uploading your ID is easy! You will be able to start bidding in just a matter of minutes.

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Your price, your way!What membership package best suits your buying intentions?

Posted by on Monday, February 5, 2018

AutoBidMaster Staff Writer

AutoBidMaster members purchase auction vehicles without dealer’s licenses. All-inclusive support & global shipping make AutoBidMaster your one-stop shop.

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