Pulling a trailer doesn’t come easy as there are many errors that you can make from loading to driving on the road. Whether you wish to tow your new boat or transport items in a trailer there are many valid reasons to be careful and make sure you have covered all bases pertaining to safety. One common recommendation is to practice a variety of maneuvers in an open space before hitting the road. In this blog, we look at some of the common mistakes that you ought to avoid and some of the safety practices that should become second nature.

Towing mistakes to avoid

There are a lot of common mistakes that often lead to unnecessary breakdowns, accidents, and even injury and loss of life. Here is a sneak peek into some of the notable ones.


  • The trailer weight must conform with the towing capacity of the towing vehicle. In making your calculations, it is important to include the towing rig
  • In the event you are working with a hitch and coupler, make sure they fit perfectly
  • Keep the trailer level. When using a tow bar, you can correct the alignment by making sure it is parallel to the ground.
  • The towing vehicle’s trailer braking system must be compatible with your trailer.
  • Avoid using straps and ropes to tow for extended distances as they can snap


Visibility is very important when towing a trailer. Make sure you take the length, width, and height of the trailer into consideration. If you are towing a trailer that is wider than your vehicle, make sure to install towing mirrors. If you are traveling with another person, get them to assist you when making complicated maneuvers by acting as a spotter.

Braking and accelerating

Towing a trailer increases the mass and momentum of your vehicle, which greatly factors into how your vehicle responds when you apply the brakes. You must, therefore, reconsider things such as following distance on the road. When it comes to accelerating, your vehicle will need more power to attain the same speed. This should factor in when considering things such as switching lanes or overtaking other vehicles.

Wrap up

There are a host of other considerations that you have to make to ensure total safety on the road. These include exercising due care when turning, load balancing, and maintaining the right tire pressure. AutoBidMaster gives you easy access to amazing deals on a wide range of salvage trailers for sale. You can easily take part in our online trailer auctions by registering in a few steps. Browse through available repairable salvage trailers for sale to find one that suits your requirement and budget. You can also discuss your requirement and get all the help you need by calling us at +1 ( 503) 298 4300.

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