AutoBidMaster is a premier Copart broker, and your one-stop online auto auction. We give our members access to the largest online salvage auto inventory, and our dedicated Customer Service Representatives are here to help our members through every step of the way: from finding the perfect vehicle, to placing bids, to arranging shipping. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes here in our Portland, Oregon office. We’re interviewing Tabitha, the Sales Manager here at AutoBidMaster, so you can see what it’s like behind the scenes. Let’s get started.

AutoBidMaster: So, Tabitha, how’d you land at AutoBidMaster? How long have you been here?

Tabitha: Cars are a hobby within my family and being a mother of all boys, you adjust your hobbies to spend time with your family. I have worked here for 3 years as the Sales Manager, and I bring many years of experience with managing call centers and in the automotive industry to the table.

ABM: What’s the customer service team like?

T: Our support staff is upbeat and very driven. Each representative has their own special characteristics and is always willing to go the extra mile for the satisfaction of our members.

ABM: What are some of the most important things they deal with?

T: We handle everything from registration, bidding, shipping, ownership documents, you name it, they’ll handle it. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

ABM: What about growth – what have you seen in terms of sales and customer contact over the course of the last year?

T: Our sales and staff have almost doubled over the last year- with that being said, we have staff available 20 hours a day to assist members in all time zones. With the more sales there are, of course, more incoming calls and emails. We’ve added additional communication channels, like live chat & text messaging.

ABM: So, what puts AutoBidMaster ahead of its competitors? What unique services do you offer?

T: AutoBidMaster is the pioneer of brokerage services, we’ve paved the way for many others throughout the years. We have a great relationship with Copart, and because of that we are able to negotiate on our buyer’s behalf for the best deals possible, in certain cases.

Also, we offer support 20 hours of the day!

ABM: Speaking of best deals possible, what’s the most interesting vehicle you’ve ever sold?

T: It’s always exciting to sell exotic cars, I couldn’t pick just one.

ABM: What about the strangest vehicle you’ve ever sold?

T: We sold a totally burned corvette, you could not tell by the photos this was a car. It was totally mangled and appeared to just be metal pieces laying on the ground. This customer bid on this lot multiple times and was adamant that he needed to win this.

Years ago we also had a customer win a photocopier or printer, through the homeowner’s section of the site!

ABM: A burned car? A photocopier? That’s incredibly bizarre. What about vehicles, though? What should everybody know before bidding?

T: We offer a market broker place; we are not the auction nor do we inventory the auction vehicles. Everyone needs to do their own research and have realistic expectations before bidding. We are bound by Copart’s policies also, but are not owned or operated by them.

ABM: What do you think about salvage title vehicles? They often have a stigma behind them.

T: Years ago, salvage title vehicles were frowned upon, nowadays it seems insurance companies are salvaging more and more vehicles. I have no issues with salvage titled vehicles, but it’s important that you know the prior damage. A salvage title is a just a piece of paper, in my opinion.

ABM: Salvage vehicles are definitely making a big impact in the auto industry. But back to office life – do you have a favorite office memory? A company event perhaps?

T: AutoBidMaster knows how to celebrate its staff… We’ve had many events and all have great memories, but the one that stands out the most is our end of summer bash 2018. We closed the company early and all the staff went to a park – the company rented multiple jet skis and a pontoon. We had so much fun splashing around and racing the jetskis. It was a day to never forget, when redocking the pontoon. Let’s just say, it takes some serious skills that we may have been lacking when it came to docking the pontoon!

But on another note, about a year ago, as a company we volunteered at the Oregon Food Bank. As a team we were assigned a task: bag potatoes. Now first, the amount of potatoes in the room was massive, then there was the actual work of bagging them.  We ended up having so much fun – listening to music and dancing around with the potatoes, the most beneficial part was knowing that we are giving back to the community to which we work and reside. It helps that our team is awesome, and we had an awesome time together.

ABM: It’s great to see that you guys make it a point to give back as a team! What about helping any customers directly? Do you have any dream-come-true stories you can share?

T: A Customer signed up with AutoBidMaster and pursued various trailers for a couple of years unsuccessfully. This summer, he has finally found and bought a perfect one. Now that he has it, he can finally marry his dream girl, they have been planning on getting a trailer to live in the woods autonomously for years and this purchase has made his dream come true. He inspected the item, figured out the repair cost and hired a shop to makeover inside of the trailer. His new wife will be sharing their “happily ever after” with him and he is beside himself seeing his dream come to fruition.

ABM: So, from a stellar support staff, to helping customers find their happy-ever-after, to volunteering in your community: it sounds like you’ve got all the bases covered. Keep up the good work!

T: Thank you!

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