The era of car classifieds has passed. People buy cars from the comfort of their homes or from wherever is convenient for them. Just a few clicks, and you’ll access thousands of options. A supreme variety of choices is available at AutoBidMaster. Here, you can find everything from incredible supercars (like McLarens and Lambos) to extraordinary, ultra-rare classic cars. Newcomers to our auction may wonder how they can win their dream rides. It’s simple; rest assured. In this blog, we’ve compiled a handy guide on how to bid at a car auction like AutoBidMaster.

Bid On Salvage Cars In Three Simple Steps

Accessing live car auctions has never been easier. We won’t say much, just the essentials.

  1. Register or sign up with your Google/Facebook account. Only registered members can have access to our car bidding website.
  2. Upload a copy of your government-issued ID or passport and place a security deposit. It isn’t a fee. A 100% refundable security deposit is a temporary hold from your card determining your Buyer Power. It’s a $600 minimum or 10% of your intended bid. Refer to this video for more information.
  3. Feel free to choose an AutoBidMaster membership that works best for you. Basic members can’t participate in live auctions. Advanced and Premium memberships will let you access unlimited bidding, anywhere, anytime on any car. No dealer’s license required.

That’s that. We’ve already covered AutoBidMaster memberships and their benefits, so you can take a look here if you need more information.

How Do I Know That My Bid is The Highest?

AutoBidMaster delivers the best auction experience for you. We’ve developed some helpful stuff, like the Bid4U. Just enter the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for a car and let us do the legwork for you. Our Bid4U tool will raise your bid to your maximum automatically, increment by increment. In this case, you can get a vehicle at a price that is even lower than you might have expected to pay. Thanks to Bid4U, you won’t have to place a higher bid manually and monitor the competition. If you aren’t outbid, you’ll receive an email notification with an invoice and payment instructions.

Can I Buy Salvage Cars Without Bidding?

Short answer: YES.

Long answer: You can make an offer to a seller and not have to wait until the auction ends. Also, you can buy salvage cars without bidding at all if you use the “buy it now” option. Both are convenient ways to skip bidding altogether. However, keep in mind that each bid is binding and can’t be lowered or canceled. Make sure to check your bid before placing it.

Bottom Line

An impressive (we mean, really impressive) buying experience awaits you at AutoBidMaster. More than 300,000 cars across the USA are sitting there and waiting for their new owners. Start browsing your next (or first) car right now. Get in touch with us at +1 (503) 298-4300 (4:00 AM – 4:00 PM PST, Monday to Friday) if you have any questions. Happy bidding!

AutoBidMaster Staff Writer

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