Good news! As a California resident, you can now purchase vehicles located in California. If you’re looking for car auctions in Los Angeles or anywhere else in California, you’ve come to the right place.

Buying vehicles in California

If you’re a California resident purchasing a vehicle that’s located in California, there’s a slightly different process. Instead of the title on the vehicle’s listing page, clean or salvage, you’ll receive an Acquisition Bill of Sale which is also known as a REG 262. You may be able to change a REG 262 to a salvage title when you register the vehicle with your local DMV. Your purchase will be made from one of our California affiliated dealers/dismantlers, and they’ll process your paperwork: you will receive the Acquisition Bill of Sale within 2-4 weeks from the sale date. You’ll also pay a California sales tax of 8.25%, along with regular AutoBidMaster transaction and documentation fees, which will be applied to the sale price. You won’t have to pay CA sales tax again when you register the vehicle with the DMV.

What about shipping?

All California purchases, regardless of the vehicle’s condition, must be transported from the auction yard. Purchases cannot be picked up from the auction yard directly and must be removed by a tow provider. Our recommended shipping company, EasyHaul, makes shipping easy for you: you can place your shipping order right from your AutoBidMaster account, or by calling our Buyer Services team at +1 (503) 298-4300 between 6:00 AM and 4:00 PM Monday through Friday, Pacific Standard Time.

Learn more about the California buying process here.

If you’re looking for car auctions in Los Angeles or anywhere else in California, take a look at what we’ve got. We’ve got plenty to choose from, and now they’re closer to home.

And, as always, remember to get a ClearVIN VIN Check Report before buying any vehicle to get a good look into its history. Alternatively, many online services, including our trusted partner, ClearVIN, now offer license plate check options, allowing you to quickly and easily access important information about a vehicle with just a few clicks.

Happy bidding!

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