The number of boat enthusiasts in the US is growing by the day, which explains more than 250,000 units being sold every year. While owning a recreational boat lets you indulge in a world of adventures, buying one can be a tricky affair. Budget buyers and those looking to make a profit by flipping old boats often turn to online auctions offering repossessed boats for sale. AutoBidMaster online auctions feature a variety of deals on salvage boats for sale and present a great place to buy a recreational boat without breaking the bank. To help you with the selection, we’re presenting some useful tips to choose the right recreational boat.

Boat Type

The first step when buying a recreational boat is to choose between the different types of boats up for sale. The best type of boat for you depends on the things you want to do on the water. Whether you love to explore the open ocean or want to experience tranquil harbors and lakes, there is a boat for you in repossessed boats for sale. Consider the pros and cons of different options such as:

  • Bowriders (multi-purpose – features forward cockpit & comfortable seating area for guests. They are more seaworthy when compared to Pontoon boats)
  • Pontoon boats (mainly used for freshwater and harbor. They feature a wide-open deck space)
  • Runabouts (they exude style and are used as a comfortable form of transportation. They have limited functionality and are popular for freshwater boating)
  • Rigid inflatable boats (combine the seaworthiness of larger vessels with the functionality of open-deck vessels. Great for families who want to maximize their boating options)


The next step is choosing the best boat size for your requirements. Larger vessels give you more in terms of features such as toiles, plumbing systems, cabins, a kitchen area, and navigational equipment. This, however, does not mean that bigger is always better. Buying a boat that is too big for your requirements results in a diminished experience as it may dissuade you from taking to the water as much as you’d like.

Engine Type

The last but not least important step is to choose the right type of engine for your boat. The engine that you choose must be suitable for your type of recreational purposes. Different engines are best for different purposes such as outboards, diesel inboards, gas sterndrives, or water jet propulsion. Our Buyer Services team is always available to help you find a repossessed boat for sale that meets your requirements.

The Last Word

Our online auction platform makes it easy for you to bid on and buy a range of wrecked boats available for sale. You can easily navigate through available options with the help of the search filters on our website. Register today to start bidding or talk to our Buyer Services team to get answers to all your questions about available deals on salvage boats for sale. Call +1 (503) 298-4300, Monday to Friday, 6:00 AM to 4:00 PM (GMT-8:00) or email

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