Buying a salvage yacht and restoring it can be a fun and rewarding experience, but for that to happen, you must have a clear roadmap of the project and the tasks you are going to execute. On one hand, you need to ensure that all performance-related aspects, such as engine, electronics, and safety features are in perfect order. On the other hand, you might also want to work on the interiors of the boat to make it the perfect haven you want it to be. While you can always count on AutoBidMaster to present you with unbeatable deals on salvage yachts for sale, in this article, we provide some affordable interior design tips to help you get the most out of your investment. Read on. 

Deep Cleaning

This should be the first step in the restoration project of your salvage yacht. Taking the time to deep clean the interiors of your yacht can go a long way in bringing it closer to its glory days. You can use any readily available boat cleaning agents or can also go for homemade boat cleaners to clean dirty upholstery, mildewed cabin liners, and salt-encrusted hatches. Start by laundering the upholstery, and then shift your attention to finer aspects such as liners, soles and walls. 

Interior Lighting

Ensuring proper interior lighting is one of the most common challenges faced by yacht owners, especially in lower level decks. If you don’t like the cocooned feeling that comes with inadequate lighting, investing in proper lighting should be worth your while. One of the easiest ways to brighten up the interiors of your yacht is installing marine LED lights that are easily available on the market. That said, it is important to remember that the key to getting the most out of LED lights is their placement. 

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Bedding and Rugs

When you buy a salvage yacht and decide to restore it, it goes without saying you’d want it to offer a welcoming feeling everytime you step inside it. That’s exactly what you can expect by investing in new bedding and rugs. Once you have gotten rid of those worn out and damp bedding and rugs, consider investing in hydrophobic (repels water) options made from polyester. If your yacht has a v-berth, quarter berth, or non-standard sized bed, you may have to spend a little extra.

Wrap Up

Buying a salvage yacht is only the first step to becoming the proud owner of one of your dreams. If you are still looking to buy a suitable yacht, you have come to the right place. AutoBidMaster’s Florida boat auctions run throughout the year and give you access to an array of clean and salvage yachts for sale, all going at unbelievably low prices. Register with us today to start bidding in our Florida boat auctions. If you have any questions about our auctions or any of the yachts for sale featured in our inventory, simply call +1 (503) 298-4300, Monday through Friday, 4:00 AM to 4:00 PM (Pacific Time), or email at:

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