This month, we had a lot of fun interviewing a cool new customer. His name is Mark, and he had some great answers and sent a bunch of photos. He likes to joke around, so he sent a few photos that were not his car (they were pics from tv shows and movies). Read on to join in on the fun!

“I needed a car that would act as a commuter for taking my two teenage boys to school and then driving myself to work. From the school to where I work is roughly 25 miles and about a one-hour drive most days – one way! Up hill! My car, my other car, is a large SUV and gets really poor mileage, but is built like a tank and is super safe. I felt terrible driving it every day to work. Like I was wasting it. Like it had an expiration date and every day I used it, I was pushing it closer to the expiration. That and the gas I was wasting made me sick.

One day I asked my wife, and she said I should get a used car. I found you all on a google search. Not very exciting I know. I just googled and read reviews. Your website had the easiest instructions for how to join and bid in the auctions, so I picked you. I knew I wanted a Subaru Outback, and I knew what I wanted to spend. You had lots of options for me to pick from and I was able to win the second auction I entered.

This is the first time I have ever had a car delivered. It’s funny. I have food and groceries delivered all the time. Never a car. It was a fun experience, and I was excited to get the keys and see if it ran. It did. That was the best part. With it running, I felt like the hard part was over. And it was!

I washed it. Seriously. I drove it around the block and right into my driveway for a good washing and vacuuming. lol

It’s a Subaru Outback. I forgot to mention. Had some exterior damage, dings, and dents. The bumper looks like it ran over a mailbox. I tell my boys that the car was used on the set of the Walking Dead and that it would be a shame to repair its unique damage. lol

Having a commuter car, one that is safe and sturdy, takes a huge weight off my chest. I drive it 5 days a week and then use my other car on the weekend and for family trips. Just knowing it’s here and doing the job I wanted it to do is a major relief. I plan on driving this one to work for the next 5-10 years, I have faith it will last that long. It did survive the apocalypse. On TV at least. Have a good one!”

Here are a few more of the photos Mark sent me when we asked him to show me his car (these are it). Thanks again, Mark. You kept us laughing all day.

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