The first thing that comes to the minds of prospective buyers at police or state auto auctions is the legal implications of owning such vehicles. The fact that they are confiscated vehicles with a criminal history often gives rise to many misconceptions. True, such auctions deal in vehicles that have been seized by the police for their involvement in criminal activities, but the auctions enjoy the backing of state governments and are carried out by local police departments. Here are 4 important things that new buyers need to know about repo car auctions in NJ.

NJ State Auto Auction

1. There are no legal hassles
Most people readily conclude that since the vehicles at the police auctions have a criminal tag attached to them, they are illegal to buy or at least present some kind of legal obligations to buyers. This is one of the biggest fallacies about repo car auctions in New Jersey. The police gets prior approval from the government before auctioning off the vehicles. That is why there are no legal hassles associated with purchasing, owning, and driving such vehicles. Generally, once the vehicles come under the hammer, their past including connection with erstwhile owners become null and void.

2. The vehicles are sold ‘as-is’
Like all other auction types, vehicles at a police auto auction such as NJ police auto auctions are sold on as-is basis with all the faults. There is no warranty with these vehicles, and the decision to buy or not depends only on a physical inspection of the vehicles. In other words, bidders buy these vehicles at their own risk. Thus, it is important that they factor in costs to repair and other overheads at the time of bidding.

3. The auctions are held a few times every year
Unlike regular auctions, police auto auctions are held few and far between, only a couple of time a year. That’s why interested buyers must keep track of the schedules of the auctions so that they don’t miss out on the opportunities. It is also advisable to make it to such auction sites on time so that bidders have ample time on hand to size up the condition of as many vehicles as possible.

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