Hybrid automobiles are at their peak today. It is because they help improve fuel efficiency. Additionally, cars with hybrid systems have great performance and upgraded specifications. That is why they are so popular nowadays. At the same time, a driver may face difficulties when operating a hybrid vehicle because of some significant mistakes. In our article, you will find a review concerning the issues with using the above-mentioned automobiles. Keep reading to find out more!

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Long-Lasting Hybrid Vehicle Conservation With a Discharged Battery

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The first mistake is quite obvious. Do not leave a hybrid vehicle with a fully discharged or low-charged battery for a long time. This will cause the accumulator to degrade quickly and require replacement.

The software system of the hybrid is configured in such a way that the car itself determines and controls the battery charge level. When it drops to the critical index, the dashboard in the gauge field indicates a low grade, and a warning may appear. This option protects the battery from prolonged idle time without a charge. In other words, before leaving the car overnight, or even for a week, the driver has to be sure that the battery has the necessary percentage of charge to start. It’s another matter when the hybrid vehicle is, for example, being repaired or being taken from an auction. In this case, the downtime can last for months. The car is stationary, the charge is at zero, and at this time, irreversible processes begin in the electric battery.

Our advice is to try to keep the battery level in the medium charge section. This will make it possible to bypass difficulties with starting the internal combustion engine and preserve accumulator life. Aside from that, AutoBidMaster experts recommend starting the hybrid car for 30–40 minutes at least once every two months, if it is not in use, to recharge the battery.

Use of Low-Quality Fuel

The fuel for a hybrid car should be of good quality, easy to ignite, and not provoke unmanageable detonation. Automotive experts recommend using gasoline with an octane rating of 98 or above. The higher the parameter, the slower the combination of fuel and air burns. As a result, it is possible to bring the engine to peak load without the risk of damage.

Ignoring the Regular Technical Fluids Change

Hybrid vehicle technical fluids

Brake fluid, antifreeze, engine oil — all these substances require timely replacement. Otherwise, critical damage to the air conditioner compressor, antifreeze pump, cooling radiator, transmission, engine, or fuel system may occur. To avoid this, AutoBidMaster has prepared the following schedule for a hybrid car’s technical fluids change:

  • brake fluid — every 2–3 years;
  • coolant — every 4 years;
  • transmission oil — every 6,000 miles or once every 12 months;
  • engine oil — every 5,000 miles or once a year.

For hybrids, engine oil needs to be changed more often than in other cars. This is because the hybrid motor starts more frequently on a cold launch. During this process, the volume of lubricants mixing with the fuel is much greater than during driving a car with a gasoline engine.

Blocking the Battery Air Ducts

Air for cooling the hybrid battery is not taken from the street, as in ordinary cars with internal combustion engines, but from the interior. The engineers have constructed the special air ducts for the hybrid cars that are usually installed near the rear row of passenger seats. The vehicle owners, not knowing about it, often block them with covers. The air ducts have to be opened to allow the air conditioning system to function appropriately.

Skipping the High-Voltage Battery Service

car battery checking

Service maintenance of the hybrid car’s electric battery must be carried out once every 20,000 miles, as regulated by the manufacturer. This includes blowing the air space of the accumulator, visual inspection, and cleaning the elements if necessary.

The point is that the gaps between the battery elements during the car operation are clogged with dust. It interferes with the forced cooling of the accumulator and becomes an additional conductor that can cause a short circuit.

Ignoring Brake Pads Service

Hybrids brake first with motor-generators, then with front brakes, and finally with rear brakes. On the one hand, the lifetime of the pads increases; on the other hand, due to insufficient use, the floating calipers oxidize. It is necessary to regularly monitor their condition.

Untimely Change of the Air Filter

The air filter must be replaced every year or after every 5,000 miles. However, some drivers believe that changing it once every 12,000 miles is sufficient. We at AutoBidMaster recommend following the replacement schedule established by the automaker.

In the End

Hybrid cars need even more meticulous service than gasoline ones. It is because of the more complicated and improved fuel system technology that is installed in this type of vehicle. We advise keeping an eye on the technical fluids, brake system, fuel quality, and the electric battery condition.

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