AutoBidMaster is your one-stop shop if you’re looking for affordable cars. Enter the make and model in the search bar, and thousands of options will appear in front of you. Oh, hold up for a second. How about a few details that you might not have known, like the sales types? Before you bid on salvage cars, make sure to read on: we’re clearing the path for you with information regarding the sale types at AutoBidMaster.

An Overview of Sales Types

At the time of writing, there are five sales types on AutoBidMaster:

Each of the abovementioned types is designated to deliver the best experience for our buyers. Obviously, there are a few most small differences between them. Details that lay mainly in the way the auction takes place.

Pure Sale

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Arguably, the most common sale type is the pure sale. The vehicle will be awarded to the highest bidder after the live auction ends. The bidding closes, the highest bid wins, and the car is sold. That’s it.

In case you didn’t know: each auction has two stages, preliminary and live bidding. During the latter, the final sale price is determined. Members with a basic AutoBidMaster membership can’t bid on salvage vehicles during the live auction. Only Advanced and Premium members can take part and place bids in real-time. In case you missed it: check out the information on AutoBidMaster fees here.

On Approval

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This means that the seller on an AutoBidMaster auction approves or declines the final bid. There is no minimum to be reached, though. The seller can counter, reject, or accept the highest bid during the live auction until 8:00 PM Pacific Standard Time the following business day AFTER the sale date. While the seller thinks over the final price, you can increase your bid or keep the current one. Once the seller agrees, you are contractually obligated to finalize your purchase. Don’t bid on other vehicles right off the bat. You have to wait and give the seller at least some time for their reaction.

On Minimum Bid

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Most live car auctions are marked as ‘on minimum bid.’ It implies that the seller has set a minimum price that should be reached. However, the seller has the right to decline the sale or counter/accept a price offered until 8:00 PM PST the next working day. The minimum bid is not visible for buyers, though it will be revealed to you if you’re the highest bidder.

You can use our Bid4U for your convenience during such auctions. This system will incrementally increase your bid little by little until your maximum. Oh, nearly forgot to mention: we can negotiate the sale price on your behalf with the seller to let you get the vehicle at the most competitive price that satisfies both parties.

AutoBidMaster Buy It Now

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Yes, you’re not mistaken. You can bid on salvage cars against the competition or… skip the auction all together. Buy it now is non-negotiable, binding, and final, as well as other bids. We suggest calculating all applicable fees in our built-in tool, as they aren’t included in the final price.

Night Cap Sale

Last but definitely not the least, the Night Cap Sale. Don’t take things too literally: the vehicles aren’t sold at night. Night Cap Sales are scheduled at 6 PM, Monday to Friday. This kind of sale occurs when a car doesn’t sell during the live auction because the minimum bid amount hasn’t been reached. Then, the vehicle enters the second preliminary bidding that lasts until the next Night Cap Sale.

Final Thoughts

Our auto auction platform provides access to more than 300,000 vehicles. That said, you can find absolutely anything you’ve ever wanted right HERE. No kidding. Create an account with us to start. Upload a copy of your government-issued ID/passport/driver’s license and place a 100% refundable security deposit. Make sure to upgrade the AutoBidMaster membership to get access to unlimited bidding. Keep in touch with us at + 1 (503) 298-4300 (6:00 AM – 4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday).

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